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Dec 26, 2012 6:00pm PST
is a cargo and ammuntion ship opened by the united states navy and she is our second ship to come in since we have established our shore porn system at peer 70 and the whole reason that she has been able to come here to strainings is it's ability to hook up to the shore power system which, is a critical factor for the navy and so this contract is between 13 and $15 million depending on how much work the neath please wantses to do and it will generate 70 man hours in the 53 days that it's here and so it's very exciting news for us. the usns richard bird and matthew pairy which was tices the previous ship that came in equals $150,000 and 150 man hours and so what a great investment and thanks to all of the port team and various regulating agencies that helped us to do had a and of course, our thanks to the va that is terrific news. in january, our good friend charles fan owner of slanted door is going to open a new restaurant restaurant at peer three going to be called hard water and after the hard water making whiskey and so hard water is going to be new orleans inspired and inspired in bourb
Dec 26, 2012 6:30pm PST
, and we may be at the mall, and see the person we have a fight with. the army and navy have their bar fights. i did not see this as being a game, or a community. supporting each other, this may have been in a negative way. i did not have a stable household. many of them do not of their fathers are, where their father is dead. in their return, the block i gave up -- this is who i looked up to. he had a notorious reputation. there was the violence and in return, we had the pros and cons for that. a lot of people would mess with me because of who my father was -- to my brother was. they became my enemies. it was not a choice. this is just how was. let's go get him. and it comes to the place, you get tired of running. i did not see this as being wrong. what people defined as a gang, that must be a gang member right there. i have tattoos on my arm and neck and hand, and none of them are getting associated. they all tell personal story in my life. somebody would say that this is a gang member. there would be the artistic side. i think that this comes to a place where there has to be a level
Dec 27, 2012 7:00am EST
. there was a british historian in the 1950's. after world war i, britain had the largest navy in the world and they reduced the size of the navy. the laid-off sailors and dock workers. the agency running the navy was getting bigger as the navy was getting smaller. he made the discovery -- the size of a bureaucracy has nothing to do with the amount of work the bureaucracy does. it will grow unless it is reined in. the bureaucracy was getting bigger. if you get that kind of bloat, get in trouble and you change or go out of business. ronald reagan said the closest is a to immoralitality government agency. caller: good morning, everybody. do you think capitalism and privatizing is withdrawing the money from the united states? they charge outrageous rates when the government could have maintained the prisoners cheaper. blackwater getting outrageous amounts of money to do things for the government. think that is draining our money. the money% withstood and that is why we are falling off the cliff. guest: it goes on the subject of crony capitalism. that is businesses that are dependent on governm
Dec 27, 2012 6:00am PST
was as a coming from as the brawl that broke out involving 20 people. officials say the navy found no evidence of a shooting and many stores went into a lock down, closing the metal gates and the fight started. >> i just imagine someone with a gun or someone coming into a store and threatening us. >> we had behind the jewelry counter at macy's and said we need to get out of fear. >> police believe the sounds of but that people thought were dunce shots weren't large signs falling over. the mall has since been reopened and for people involved in a brawl were arrested. >> it private picture posted by mark zuckerberg sister on her personal facebook profile has been leaked. a facebook marketing directors of the photo and posted it to her twitter account for more than $40,000 to see. zuckerberg sister,randi we did that the facebook director sang her picture was meant for friends only. later she said she did see the fall because they share a mutual friend. many people are reacting to randi zuckerberg st facebook like privacy setting difficult to navigate. >> contains a dry gas prices across the bay a
Dec 27, 2012 5:00pm EST
like old navy and target. if you do shop at nordstrom rack, what does that say about you? it turns out where you shop can be sending messages to companies to charge you more. but it is all happening on-line, not the big box store. the more you look at an item online, the more likely the price will go up. is called dynamic pricing, essentially pricing things different for different people at different times for the same product and it is all happening because your computer activity is tracked by software that looks at where you have shot and what you bought. >> -- where you have shopped and what you have bought. >> how is it that these companies know. when i finally make my decision, boom, it is more expensive >> that is because you leave a trail. you may think you are anonymous, but you are not. your name may be private, but your computer it is not. >> i am not sure i like this. your best bet -- use multiple computers and multiple accounts. that way your behavior will not be revealed if you want to remain anonymous. ford motor company says it will spend more than $773 million to expand
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Dec 27, 2012 12:00am EST
it is necessarily means it is fixed. what everyone wants, everyone bets illegally other than in navy. adam: not here. people to do this all the time. >> estimate 300 to $500 million is bet illegally in the u.s. if you took 5% of that, that means there are $150 million going somewhere and not going to taxable businesses. it is not going to create jobs. it is going somewhere. and i think the nfl, i an that's where, most of the money is bet on football. i guess what they're saying, if somebody drop as pass in the end zone with two seconds to go, and it looks fishy, as long as it is illegal there is nothing you can do about it, you can't complain. adam: it might harm the reputation of the nfl going forward. >> exactly. adam: so the judge's ruling isn't a ruling on the merits. it is just you may proceed? >> yeah. i think most people expect that ultimately the, we've got to see what does is the federal government going to do? the judge sfwaf the federal government january 20th to intervene. adam: we know how good the federal government is in meeting deadlines. >> exactly. adam: no. >> no one knows if they
Dec 27, 2012 9:00am EST
and what price. so when you say the gap, old navy and victoria's secret were standouts this season what brought the shoppers in? was there a hot item this season? >> not one hot item per se, gap has been seeing a real turn around. i think the stores look better, the merchandise has been improved. the marketing has been improved. old navy as well, a surprise. victoria's secret, again, the merchandise is fantastic, lingerie a clear winner at holiday at all times, so, i mean, again, if you look at your channel checks, those stores were generally per rehn y'ally crowded. i tend to agree with craig johnson, apple looked empty for what apple stores have been in the past. retailers like pandora generally crowded, charms a good buy. so you know, i think people were extremely cautious in what they bought this year and were very strategic and went in bought what they wanted and left. >> the gap, we just showed chat of the gap, monster 60% the past year, a turn around story, largely because at some point in time, they weren't getting their merchandise quite right you weren't hitting the fashion no
Dec 26, 2012 11:00pm EST
in the u.s. navy and was an assistant u.s. attorney in new york. please welcome dean alan morrison. [applause] >> thank you, roger. i also have the distinction of two things. one, i read and commented on the book, i don't want to get any medal of honor for that. nobody has come after me out. you should've read the draft that i wrote. [laughter] second, i am one of the few who practices regularly before the supreme court that did not file for the fisher v. university of texas case. [laughter] let's remember that fisher is a concrete lawsuit and on about affirmative action. the question is university of texas, did it violate the equal protection clause in connection with the undergraduate admissions program, ended abigail fisher, which he injured by what the university of texas did. i would like to start by explaining a little bit more than you would get about the admissions program and what it is supposed to do and what it is not supposed to do and what it does and does not do. we have the top 10% of his guaranteeing anyone who graduates in the top 10% from their high school class
Dec 27, 2012 9:00am EST
school, served as a commissioned officer in the u.s. navy and was an assistant u.s. attorney in new york. please welcome alan morrison. [applause] >> thank you, roger. i also have the distinction of two things. one, i read and commented on stuart and rick's book. i don't want to get any medal of honor for that. my name is in the acknowledgments, i found it today, so nobody's come after me yet. laugh and if you think it's insend yea -- incendiary now, you should have read the draft i read. [laughter] i'm one of the few lawyers who did not file a brief in the fisher case. [laughter] okay. so let's begin by remembering that fisher is a concrete lawsuit and not an academic debate about the values of affirmative action. the question in this case is did the university of texas violate the equal protection clause in connection with its undergraduate admission program, and did abigail fisher, was she injured by what the university of texas did? so i want to start by explaining a little more than stuart did about the admissions program and what it's supposed to do and what it's not supposed to do
Dec 27, 2012 3:00am PST
. fraternity guy and navy officer. when he learned from my mother who said i should not tell him myself that i was gay made him uncomfortable. he is so comfortable with it now in the biggest way. i had never done this interview with him that i had done over the years, hundreds of other americans about what was the trouble you had with this and what's the journey you traveled. i sat down with him a few days before i wrote the column and said can i talk about this? the greatest measure is how far he traveled. this is a guy that put the best face in the world. he was willing to focus entirely on his gay son and relationship with his gay son was so moving to me and said so much about the thoroughness of his journey on this issue. >> a terrific piece. >> still available. "new york times".com. thanks very much. you can read frank's column online. still ahead, the lives they live. this is all new york. the knicks and the "new york times" magazine takes a look at the big names. who passed away in 2012 and had significant impacts on our lives. [ male announcer ] it's that time of year again. time for c
Dec 26, 2012 6:00pm PST
the navy, he's 33, and he knows that he's never been 23. so, the secret to life is, like, you gotta have fun. you gotta kick back. it's 5:00 somewhere, right? - i totally respect magnum for doing that, and going back, and-and just living his life, 'cause you only have one. - some of the best lessons i have learned from "the bionic woman" are, live life in slow motion. if a computer gives you trouble, pour water on it. - goodbye, alex! - the main takeaway from "lassie" is, if you wanna look like a hero, always hang out by a well. - god, parents, watch your kids. they are getting into a lot of trouble. and, really, if you need a dog to save the day, you're probably a bad parent. - what i learned from "charlie's angels," was to always have great hair and wear a good bra. - what i've learned from "charlie's angels," is that i would always be inadequate. i would never have my own jaclyn smith collection at k-mart. i would never have hair like farrah. i would always be fatter than kate. but, i did know that i could get a boyfriend like charlie, who would never have to look at me. - coming up..
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)